WHERE TO STAY in CLARKSDALE – photo of Crossroads © SHEIN DIE ~ All rights reserved

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NOTE:    THE TOURS will still be RUNNING while the White House and Guest House will no longer be available as of July 2020.

Duration varies • Price varies

Mississippi Delta Bohemian Tours with Clarksdale native and local character Chilly Billy Howell. Visit    https://deltabohemiantours.com/   Learn more at DeltaBohemianTours.com.    Find unique lodging options at VisitClarksdale.com.  And keep up with our music calendars at www.CatHead.biz.

Cheers, and come on to the Delta; “we’ll love on ya something fierce! Everybody here is friendly, maybe only one or two grumpies!!”


Consider going riding with Billy, especially if you have out of town visitors. You won’t be sorry! –

Delta Bohemian Tours provides regional identity tours of the Mississippi Delta with local character led by Clarksdale native Chilly Billy Howell. Specializing in Clarksdale and Coahoma County.

(662) 701-5020 – 233 Delta Avenue, Clarksdale

All Rights Reserved © 2008-2021


DELTA BOHEMIAN TOURS Consider going riding with Billy, especially if you have out of town visitors. You won’t be sorry!


jeep-corrected   Our new phone number is 662-701-5020!     HERE is the number to call to BOOK YOUR TOUR:     MISSISSIPPI  USA !   DELTA BOHEMIAN TOURS  `   READ BELOW:

*Tours customized to your particular interest with Clarksdale native Billy “Poor William” Howell as your guide. Blues sites, Mississippi River, oxbows, lakes, agriculture, countryside homes and churches, sunset ops, you name it. Billy will give you a real and personal Mississippi Delta experience–one you will never forget!

dscn1460   THESE THREE HOTELS ARE RATED 5***** AND AVAILABLE FOR BOOKING IN CLARKSDALE MISSISSIPPI ~  check their INFORMATION online ~   VERY COOL -one of a kind- ART FEATURED IN ALL THREE ~None of the art collection is for sale, but there is an “Artist Book” in every guest suite so guests can contact the individual artists and purchase directly from them and For reservations at the Hooker Hotel, Delta Digs and the Squeeze Box call John Magnusson at 1 732 740-6155.dscn1459ALSO NOTE THAT:  THESE BOUTIQUE HOTELS – which you can book in Clarksdale MS – FEATURE ORIGINAL ART by LOCAL ARTISTS – many of SHEIN DIE’s  Blues photographs hang on their walls. 


Meghan Maike PAINTED THIS SIGN ‘Rooms To Let  ~  LOVE IT!!!   


STAY HERE IN CLARKSDALE         Have you booked your hotel rooms yet for 2021 JUKE JOINT FESTIVAL???? DO IT NOW.

1 & 2 bedroom guest suites in the heart of Clarksdale’s downtown historic district. Call John Magnuson for reservations at 1 732 740-6155.


3 thoughts on “WHERE TO STAY in CLARKSDALE – photo of Crossroads © SHEIN DIE ~ All rights reserved

  1. M Benson

    Shein Die’s work is featured throughout each and every of the guest suites: the Squeeze Box, Delta Digs and the Hooker Hotel. We now have 33 artist’s work in the 3 suites and 108 original pieces of art.

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