SON HOUSE is my fav. Delta Blues Musician ~ ENJOY


A GOOD AFTERNOON:  Dick Waterman and I had lunch in Memphis .. I was surprised to learn:
1. The Music Thing was a Fluke ~ (Dick graduated from Boston U with Journalism Degree)
“I’d love to go back to Sports Writing”
2. It was love at first sight: “When I first saw Cinda (Dick was 70/71 and never married) I contacted my sister and said ‘she is the girl I am going to marry’
3. It was after the Korean War ~ Secret Security Clearance as a Cryptographer in the Army during the 1950s
4. Raised in Plymouth, Mass. – Jewish family ~ dad graduated from Harvard and became the ‘small town doctor’
5. Dick is generally called ‘Mr. Waterman, and not ‘Dick’ ~ even by “people I’ve met several times”
6. Dick is open, warm, friendly, honest and ‘a mensch’ – photo by Shein Die 

as we all know, dick waterman rediscovered SON HOUSE  50 years ago.







“People keep asking me where the started. All I can say is when I was a boy we always was singing in the fields. Not real singing, just hollerin’. We made up songs about things that was happening to us then. I think that’s where the blues started.” – Son House



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